When I started building my own home, I had my architect design my plans, it was clear that we needed to really get the concrete beams that were going to make up my foundations, right to start with. I knew that if I messed up the block and beam flooring to start with, then the rest of the house wasn’t going to be right either.

Block and beam floor and concrete fence panels

Establishing a perimeter to my property was up there on the initial things to do too. My home is bordered by another building that uses concrete fence panels as their fencing, which doesn’t always look the most attractive it must be said. Because of this it was important to me that I found something fairly suitable that would blend with the environment and really work with the surroundings and perhaps make the concrete fence panels a bit less unsightly.

As luck would have it, I was able to find some contractors that had a lot of experience with working with concrete beams and installing block and beam floors. After many interesting conversations with the workers as to how we would manage to get concrete beams on the property due to some issues that we would have with access…we were done!

April 17, 2015 / Tombevan

It was important to me that I’m as environmentally friendly as possible, as well conserving as much electricity and energy as is possible, which is why I looked to use air dried oak beams when I built my own home. Oak is such a good choice of material due to a large number of factors, one of the biggest advantages is that oak is extremely strong and durable. Both the strength and durability of this wood ensure that it’s the perfect material to fashion a frame for a house from.

The insulating properties of oak beams also make them a great choice too. Earlier on in this blog post I mentioned that it was my intention to conserve and save as much electricity as I can possibly manage to, this isn’t just for environmental reasons though but it’s because it can end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Using Oak has mar more advantages to using regular concrete breeze blocks as they often become very cold in the winter months and draw a large amount of heat from a house.

Oak beams and solid oak flooring

I managed to get a pretty good price on my oak and oak flooring from a supplier, so I decided to go the whole way with this material! Not only do I now have beautiful oak flooring in my home but I know, I’ve got it at a bargain price too!

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Perhaps the most important thing for me in my newly built home was not only energy efficiency but I also wanted to create a modern fell that had all of the latest gadgets. These electronic gadgets are meant to ensure an easy life as well as saving me a lot of time. If I’m truly honest, perhaps one of the bigger spends was on some electric curtain track gliders which I sourced from Silent Gliss, the curtain manufacturer.

Once I got starting building my home, it was important to me to install a few home automation systems, that would provide me with the modern theme that I was going for. These gadgets were able to make a pretty useful addition to my existing curtain tracks that I already had as well as making a great impression when I invite friends to my home.

curtain track

There’s a huge choice of home automation devices out there, however a motorised curtain track is something particularly rare that not a great deal people, myself included, have seen. Additional they’re also pretty low on energy consumption, it’s stating the obvious to say they’re not as low on consumption as regular curtain tracks but overall, they really do use small amounts of electricity. There are few things more enjoyable than waking up to a nicely lit room in the morning, it really does make waking up in the morning so much more easy and enjoyable.

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